Like every story there is the long version and the short one. The short version of how this blog came about is that I, Cherry Murphy, love making cakes and my good friend Jo Murphy likes to draw them. We have both been playing around with the idea of collaborating for quite a while now and have spent many dinners drinking wine and eating feasts while dreaming up plans of what it would look like.

Our journey/friendship however started quite a long time before this.  Jo and I met in 2011 when I moved to Melbourne to study patisserie at culinary school. I had grown up in a sleepy town by the ocean and decided it was time to follow my dream of becoming a pastry chef and moved to the city. Jo like myself also grew up in a small town and moved her life to the city to study design. During my first week in Melbourne I applied for a job at a cupcake shop and that’s where we first met. We worked together for several years while we both pursued our different creative careers.  For me this is a pretty fond memory where I was a dirt poor student, always tired, working far too much, but loving going into the cupcake shop to hang out with Jo (and our pal Lauren - she deserves a mention!), sell cake, and eat quite a few too many.

Although Jo and I have both changed and grown both creatively and in our careers since then, one thing has never changed, and that is our dedication to eating cake together.  Recently however, we decided that we would like to share this with other people as well. After working in lots of cafes, cake shops, and patisseries over the past few years, I’m slowly starting to set the wheels in motion toward opening my own cake shop. We felt that it would be fun to share this process, as well as illustrate it (with Jo’s lovely drawings.)

So here is our blog! A collaboration of food, drawings, good times and a way to share the things we love with others. We hope you enjoy it.