Pumpkin Cakes and Winter

Winter feels like is slowly starting to creep in and the long hot summer days that I spent in the kitchen and running around from wedding to wedding are coming to an end. Everything seems to be slowing down a little and even the air feels a little more calm and cool. I've embraced having a few moments to stop (catch up on paperwork) and drink a cup of coffee in bed slowly before running out the door for work. 



This in between season is my favourite. The first whiff of cold weather and I'm pulling out my coats, hats and boots and planning winter feasts. You will find me at my very happiest on a day off in the kitchen at home cooking a big hearty winter pie and some pumpkin cake! 


Since I've had a moment to catch my breath post wedding season I've had a chance to plan some really fun collaboration and photo shoots! Zosia and I recently shot some of our cakes at the beautiful Babylon Flowers. The lighting in their store was a dream to work with and I think it was our best shoot yet! I felt really proud of it and was so excited to share the photos.

I was also lucky enough to work with the brand Kikki K to help them launch their new cooking range. We held a cake decorating workshop in store which was a lot of fun and chaos making ten tiny cakes! I loved working with a brand that I've really liked for a long time. It's nice when you do a collaboration that just works and makes sense together! 


I have a few other fun projects up my sleeve at the moment, which I can't wait to share! Until then, I'm heading back to the kitchen to bake some pumpkin cake and drink coffee. 

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